FENLLY® Favorites (FENLLY® 收藏)

Some favorites(e.g.: apps, images and videos), used by the FENLLY® Foundation, for mirror access, esp. for China mainland users.

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1. Signal - Private Messenger (暗号:私密信使/聊天工具)

注:Signal 已于 20210316 被内地屏蔽。

Signal Official Website

Signal Official Support ( 含 简体中文版 )

Signal on GitHub

1.1 Introduction (介绍)

From Wikipedia (摘自维基百科):

Signal uses end-to-end encryption to secure all communications to other Signal users.

译:暗号(私密聊天工具)使用端到端加密(或叫点对点加密)来保证与其他暗号用户之间的所有通信(包括名字、 头像、文本、语音、图片、文件和音视频通话)的安全。

Signal is developed by Open Whisper Systems. The clients are published as free and open-source software under the GPLv3 license.


Signal supports iOS, Android, Linux (Debian-based), macOS and Windows.

1.2 Mirror Downloads (镜像下载)

Visit the “Signal download and installation notes” and its MarkDown page for more details.

2. Session - Private Messenger (会话:私秘信使/聊天工具)

Session Official Website

Session on GitHub

2.1 Introduction (介绍)

Session is from Loki Project(by the Loki Foundation in Australia).

会话(私秘聊天工具)出自澳大利亚的 Loki 基金会运作的 Loki 项目.

Session messenger is forked from Signal messenger, but uses the onion routing and doesn’t need phone numbers(Use unique IDs instead).

会话(私秘聊天工具)是基于暗号开发的,但使用了洋葱路由网络及无需手机号注册(由唯一 ID 代替)。

2.2 Official Downloads (官方下载)

3. References (参考)


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